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Frequent misconceptions regarding

  • Unless you have registered and paid for an event on askfred you are not fully registered.
  • When the organizer downloads the entries from askfred to the local computer, an incomplete registration is not downloaded so, even though YOU think you are registered, you are not. You will be considered a walk in (assuming the event accepts walk ins) and will need to be prepared to pay the appropriate walk in fee.
  • Entries are generally downloaded after the registration deadline has passed; this is to give organizer time to check memberships, classifications, and any other information that may need to be updated.
  • Changes made after the deadline will generally not show up on askfred but will be done on the event computer as the event has been downloaded and askfred is no longer accepting entries.

Reimbursement for Referee Clinics

New England division members may be reimbursed for referee clinics when they have:

  • Attended a clinic
  • Passed the test
  • Refereed at least one New England division event

During the 2018 season, refereeing at Bay State Games may be considered as fulfillment of the refereeing requirement, if hired.

What are the Age Limits for each Event?

Te prepared to show your membership card at the registration table.

Some clarifications for events restricted by age or skill level:

  • Novice - less than two years competitive experience (across weapons), no classification and has not previously won a novice event
  • All other tournaments - In any tournament where children can fence with adults, the fencer must be 13 by January 1 of the competition season (August - July).

What are the fees?

A complete list of entry fees is available LINK WILL GO HERE.

What are the Different Types of National Tournaments?

Nationals!  NACs! Qualifiers! Regional Youth Circuit!  Super Youth Circuit!  Junior Olympics!  What does it all mean (and how to get there).

This page will hopefully clarify information found in various places in the Athlete's Handbook.

US Fencing Association holds a big tournament at the end of the season (which runs from Aug 1 thru July 31), called the US Summer Nationals, typically starting the weekend before the Fourth of July and ending the weekend after. Location moves around the country.  Fencers from all over the country compete. It's a lot of fun and a chance to meet and fence new people in a really big venue, all done on  grounded strips.